About Us

We are a Midstream Oil & Gas company

We are a Midstream Oil & Gas company involved in the transportation, storage, and wholesale marketing of crude or refined petroleum products. Our oil and gas Marketing team is dedicated to serving clients across every segment of the Oil & Gas exploration and the supply chain, utilizing our deep research capabilities to provide strategies for efficient product marketing.

We work with a wide-range of participants in the Oil & Gas sector to enhance your competitive positions and secure greater future certainty.

We are a result oriented company willing to go the extra mile to ensure cost effective services to our clients. We also strive to adhere to best practices and business ethics ensuring our activities does not cut corners.

Becoming the partner of choice for offshore and onshore development across Africa. Identifying lucrative acreage to increase our asset base in basins across Africa. Providing transfer of knowledge and technology for local content development and empowerment Establishing the framework for industry best practices and creating the next frontier oil and gas company. Enhancing electricity generated capacity through solar energy.

Our Services

What We Do

Our services cut across different sector including mining, oil & gas construction, transportation e.t.c.

We are into the Supply of Commodities such as Rice, Sugar, Spaghetti, Vegetation Oil, Fertilizer.

We also supply Construction/Building Materials such Iron Rod, Tiles, Roofing Sheets, etc

Our Oil & Gas division supplies and market products such as PMS, AGO JET Kerosine etc...

Our Mining division is currently focused on mining Gold.
We are focused on solar powered energy

ANKURIFU Global Ventures Limited